Reliable pumping stations
We develop pumping equipment for transporting fluids. We develop solutions of any complexity.
Series of products
Motorcon designs and manufactures pumping stations based on diesel and electric engines with pumps for various types of fluids that differ in various parameters and properties.
All series
Completed projects
Motorcon equipment works at hundreds of enterprises in 32 regions of Russia. Among our clients are Gazprom, NOVATEK, Quadra, Astrakhan agro-industrial complex and ALROSA.
All projects
Service maintenance
The quality of Motorcon work confirms the high level of service. We are constantly in touch with our clients in Yamal and Kamchatka, Rostov-on-Don and Petrozavodsk. Technical consultations, advice on setting up equipment, supply of consumables and spare parts — we perform any tasks of our clients promptly and precisely. And if you can not cope with the issue, the service team of Motorcon goes to the place of equipment operation and solves the problem.
Customer service
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