About the company

More than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of diesel and electric pumping stations, power drives and diesel generating sets


What we engineer

Our work is to give engineering solutions for pumping all types of fluids and implement them in iron.

These solutions are based on pumping stations of our own production. This is a wide range of equipment with diesel or electric engines and pumps of various designs. The operating parameters of our stations cover the range from 25 to 6000 m3 / h in capacity and 100-900 m in head.

At the moment, we produce more than 80 basic models of pumping equipment. But this is only the starting point for developing a complete engineering solution. For each customer, we select the necessary additional equipment, configurations, control systems.

It is important for us that the Motorcon equipment reliably performs the task entrusted to it. That is why we do not offer the customer ready-made serial equipment, but develop together with him customized modifications and, if necessary, new models of pumping equipment.

Reliable suppliers of components


Diesel pumping stations BPS can pump different types of media and are used in agriculture, mining and oil and gas industries, energy, housing and communal services and the Ministry of Emergencies.

All industries

Quality control

Motorcon equipment undergoes a full cycle of acceptance tests before shipment to the customer. We check how the systems work and make sure that all components of the pumping units and their operating parameters meet the technical documentation. Only after that our equipment is delivered to the place of work and undergoes even more serious operational tests.


"Motorcon" is a unique team. It employs qualified specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Each of them has confirmed technical expertise, a deep understanding of specifics of technology and industry requirements.

Their great enthusiasm for work, respect for customers and personal responsibility for the result are even more crucial for success. Therefore, our customers receive competent technical support and service during the entire operation of the equipment.

Denis Suroegin
Vladimir Kondratyev
Director of production
Ilya Korovin
Technical Director
Yuri Lisitsyn
Deputy General Director for Procurement and Logistics
Alexey Kotov
Chief designer
Alexey Mariev
Sales manager
Alexey Kuzmin
Product manager
Anton Volkov
Head of the Marketing Department


Motorcon takes its suppliers seriously. Among our partners are the largest Russian and foreign companies that make quality products and provide a high level of service.


Our products are certified according to Russian standards and have all the necessary documentation confirming their compliance with the technical requirements of the Russian Federation and the countries of the customs union.

Certificate of conformity
Declaration on electric pump
Customs Union
Certificate of conformity

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