Centrifugal pumps with vacuum filling system, dry running option for liquids with solids Flow 50-7800 m³/hour Pressure 10-240 m
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Stations based on high-performance pumps Cornell (USA) for liquids with large inclusions. They are used for pumping water and liquids similar to water in viscosity and chemical activity, having a pH of 7-8.5, temperatures up to + 45 ° C, with large inclusions, up to 8 cm in diameter. A feature of the pumps is the ability to operate for a long time in the mode "Dry running".


Pumping dirty water with large inclusions over long distances, supplying water to high heights. They are used in the mining industry for pumping water from quarries during open pit mining, as well as for drainage during tunneling and longwall operations.


Diesel pumping units CSN comply with the technical regulations of the customs union: TR CU 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment." The climatic version of the pump unit is UHL GOST 15150-69 with an ambient temperature from -10°C to +50°C.

Manufacturer's warranty

The warranty period is 18 months from the date of shipment or 12 months from the date of commissioning or 2000 operating hours, whichever comes first.



Cornell (USA), specializing in production of high-pressure sump pumps, has been supplying reliable and efficient pumps since 1946. Innovative elbows, shafts and impellers made of CD4 duplex stainless steel increase the efficiency of these pumps when pumping liquids containing solid materials. Such features as self-filling, impressive suction force and head make Cornell pumps ideal for dewatering and operation in the most demanding mining environments.


Насосы МКП

Центробежные насосы МКП сконструированы на основе лучших разработок мировых производителей и проверены российскими условиями эксплуатации. Применяются для перекачивания чистой воды, стоков, шламов и загрязненных жидкостей, сходных с водой по вязкости и химическому составу. Пропускают твердые включения до 130 мм в диаметре. В работе насосов применяется экологичная технология вакуумного заполнения. Могут работать в режиме сухого хода длительное время. Обеспечивают быстрый запуск, высокую производительность и низкие эксплуатационные затраты насосных установок.


YAMZ engine

YAMZ V-shaped engines are characterized by reliability and a significant capacity of up to 1 million km. The high degree of unification of basic models and modifications, wide applicability in various equipment from cars and buses to tractors, bulldozers, combines, excavators, river vessels have made these engines the most popular in Russia and the CIS countries. Engines have high maintainability and are fully provided with spare parts in all regions of operation, which makes them in demand by many consumers.

MMZ Engine

The products of the Minsk motor plant have been known in the Russian market for many years. Minsk motor plant has been operating since 1963. During all this time, MMZ engines have proven to be ones of the best. The incredible reliability and endurance of these power units have earned a well-deserved reputation.

Volvo Penta Engine

The Volvo Penta line of industrial engines (Sweden) consists of 5, 6, 7, 9, 13 and 16-liter models with power from 65 to 650 kW. They are compact, reliable, economical and efficient engines. They are distinguished by:
  • Reliability and low noise level
  • Efficiency
  • Serviceability

Doosan Engine

Doosan diesel engines (South Korea) are widely used in various fields. This brand produces a wide range of motors with a power of up to 711 kW.

Main advantages of Doosan diesel engines:

  • Motors are undemanding to the quality of fuel, which allows you to use Russian-made products;
  • They have an increased efficiency factor and power reserve, so the units are able to work normally even when the load increases to 20%;
  • They are characterized by a simple design, which makes them more reliable and easy to operate;
  • They are characterized by a low noise level and have an affordable price.

Электродвигатели общепромышленного назначения

Для агрегатирования насосных установок применяются низковольтные и высоковольтные электрические двигатели отечественного и зарубежного производства. Они рассчитаны на взаимодействие с электросетями частотой 50 и 60 Гц с номинальным напряжением от 220 В до 11000 В. Поэтому на объекте эксплуатации ЭНС необходимо обеспечить доступ к электросети или резервной дизельной электростанции.

Электродвигатели отличаются долговечностью, удобством обслуживания и эксплуатации, низким уровнем шума. Широкая номенклатура исполнений по мощности от 1,9 до 10000 кВт, частоте вращения, питающему напряжению и конструкции позволяет подобрать оптимальный вариант для привода электронасосной станции под задачу заказчика.

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