Mining industry
Motorkon company offers pumping stations for pumping liquids during mining operations of various types, namely: rock erosion, pumping water from open pits, pumping pulp, supply of clean water to washing equipment. Our project team will help you to select pumping units to suit your needs.

Pumping of dirty water from quarries

Pumping of dirty water from quarries
DNS-P Centrifugal pumps with vacuum filling system, dry running option for liquids with solids Flow:50-7800 m³/hour Pressure:10-240 m
DNS-Gr For pumping gravel-sand and slurry mixtures Flow:150-2500 m³/hour Pressure:20-90 m
Плавучая насосная станция Предназначены для забора воды из поверхностных источников, в которых происходят значительные изменения уровня воды
Блочные насосные станции для карьерного водоотлива Перекачивает загрязненную воду с твёрдыми включениями из карьеров, выработок

Customer service

Customer service
We check technical condition and repair pumping equipment and its components – engines, pumps, automation, gearboxes, gear reducers
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Spare parts
We select and deliver the right spare parts from anywhere in the world
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Installation and commissioning
We set up and launch equipment with diesel engines in 85 regions of Russia, 12 CIS countries and 5 countries of the near abroad
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We will deliver the equipment safely by any means of transport: truck, plane, train, ship
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