Automated complex of three diesel pumping stations


Water supply to the system of front rain machines.
Region Krasnodar Industry Agriculture


Fully automated complex of three diesel stations with Cornell pumps with an additional common control system.
Motorcon has implemented a unique project to build up water supply to the system of front-mounted rain machines. The customer is an agricultural complex engaged in cultivation of grain crops. Their irrigation is provided by a set of front-mounted rain machines. For water supply, it was necessary to implement a solution that would provide a capacity of up to 2,000 m3 / h and a head of up to 94 m. The main difficulty is that water intake on the hydrants of sprinklers is constantly changing, and the performance of pumping stations must change in accordance with it, but the head remains stable.


A complex of three diesel pumping stations with automatic parallel operation.

Pumping stations can operate in cascade mode, and alternately turn on and off depending on the water flow on the hydrants of sprinklers.

Project details

It is almost impossible to provide such a complex synchronous operation in manual mode for a long time. Smart automation does this without fail. In addition, the operator's involvement is limited only to setting the required pressure.

An important advantage of the implemented parallel operation of stations is the ability to ensure performance and pressure in a wide range. Although the maximum capacity reaches 2000 m3 / h at a pressure greater than 9 ATM, the minimum flow rate at the same pressure can be 150 m3/h, which is not possible with a single large pump.

This solution will be relevant for farms and agricultural holdings that have a large number of sprinklers with different performance parameters and working in different fields simultaneously or alternately.

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