Leak-off testing of heating systems


Leak-off testing of heating mains before the start of heating season.
Region Omsk Industry Housing and communal services


Design features:
  • Load-bearing hood that provides upper overload without the use of crossheads
  • Use of shutter doors for convenience of operation and maintenance
  • Application of additional systems for preventing overheating, heat takeoff, and cooling of bearing supports when the pump is in dry run.
  • Wi Fi data exchange (online)  while leak-off testing (using a removable industrial antenna)
  • Certified hardware and software unit
  • The software installed on the laptop allows you to build graphs and reports with accurate recording of all parameters of  hydro-testing process in time

The customer needed to check the tightness and integrity of the heating mains in a new district before the start of the heating season.
Since the tests had to be carried out locally, without disconnecting a large section of heating networks, the solution needed to be mobile and fully automated. 
Our company solved the task with help of the automated station
Water pressure test of SOTA 20-20 pipelines.

SOTA Station provides:

The SOTA use makes it possible:

Advantages of a controller-based system:

  • Convenient graphical operator panel
  • Wi-Fi access to controller and archive data.
  • Maintaining an archive on a specialized memory card
  • Access to the archive via a browser from a PC
  • Real-time test monitoring program on a PC
  • Control of the water pressure testing in both automatic and manual modes
  • Automatic detection of emergencies and their handling.
  • Duplicate emergency stop functions using a mechanical button and remotely using a PC
  • Duplicate the main controls using mechanical buttons, toggle switches, switches and indicators.

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