Dewatering and pumping of contaminated waste water


Region Krasnodar Industry Housing and communal services
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The station is designed for pumping dirty water, organizing a bypass line during repair of pipelines.

The supplied equipment allows organizing a bypass of waste water in a large city during repair work and replacement of long pipeline sections.

The station uses one of the most economical and environmentally friendly engines - Volvo Penta.

Station technical parameters:

  • Maximum station capacity up to 3000 m3/h (830 l/s),

  • maximum head up to 40 meters,

  • maximum self-priming height within the working range of the pump - up to 6.5 meters,

  • maximum inclusion size - up to 114 mm.

Acceptance and commissioning of the station was carried out at the customer's site with performance and head measurement.

In addition to the station, the delivery set included suction and pressure lines with total length of over 200 meters.

For the Customer's convenience, scheduled maintenance within the first 2,000 motorised hours is performed by Motorcon LLC.

This is one of the largest mobile stations used in water canals of Russia.
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