High performance pumping stations for pumping water out of quarries


Pumping of particularly dirty water from quarries at a mining enterprise
Region Republic Of Komi Industry Mining industry


Diesel pumping station based on a self-priming pump with the possibility of dry running for pumping water with large inclusions.

Special configuration:
  • Hood with noise reduction elements
  • To work in severe conditions of the North, the "Northern package" (motor and pump heating systems) is used
  • A particularly strong frame structure that allows for the upper overloading of stations with a total weight of 9 tons. 
  • Support structures have a 10-fold margin of safety.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 1500 liters.
  • Installed flow meters

Project details

The client had a task to pump out particularly polluted water, with the content of boulders up to 5 cm in diameter, flowing at a high speed - up to 50 thousand cubic meters per day! You don't encounter such conditions every day, and we started to work on the project with great interest. We chose one of the most unpretentious, powerful and reliable components - American Cornell pumps and Korean Doosan motors. Cornell pumps have undeniable advantages for working in such severe conditions: the ability to operate for a long time in dry running mode and special seals that allow you to pump contaminated fluid without barrier fluid supply to the pump.

One of the interesting design features is as follows

Just a few stations of such scale are produced per year all over the world !!! Reliability, high level of quality and ergonomics of the installation were noted by all who saw it, starting from the suppliers of spare parts and components, to the customer respectively, who was very satisfied with the installation.

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Fluid type

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