It is no secret that the equipment is subject to wear and tear during its operation. Unskilled maintenance, low-quality accessories and supplies and working at extreme loads lead to premature failure of equipment. Idle time imposed by broken equipment often results in large financial losses and the issue of prompt repair is particularly acute at such moments. Prompt and high-quality repairs will ensure stable operation of the equipment. Motorcon specialists have all the skills and tools to repair the most complex industrial equipment.

Technical specialists of our company will be able to conduct fault findings and repair of diesel engines, pumps, generators, gear boxes, automation systems and control. We will help to put into operation the broken equipment by carrying out replacement of the failed parts and units using only original spare parts, the selection of which is carried out with help of specialized programs provided by manufacturers of equipment and at the disposal of our specialists. During the repair process service engineers will also perform diagnostics of other equipment components in order to check and identify potential faults and complete replacement of all process fluids.

Repair works can be carried out both on the technical site of our company or on the customer's site (if the equipment cannot be delivered) using professional tools and special equipment.

It is important to remember that repaired equipment cannot be loaded at 100% during the first hours of operation, after the repair. Replaced or repaired mechanical components of the equipment must work in. After the work is completed, the service specialists will give full recommendations on how to start commissioning the equipment or, at the request of the customer, will run-in the equipment on their own.

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