Spare parts


Spare part supply

The Motorcon company supplies spare parts for equipment based on diesel engines. We will help you find the necessary spare parts and deliver your order worldwide in the shortest possible time.

The range of spare parts supplied consists of:

  1. Domestic diesel engines — MMZ, YAMZ, TMZ, KAMAZ and foreign ones - CUMMINS, IVECO, VOLVO, DOOSAN, John Deere, MTU, CATERPILLAR, Mitsubishi individual systems and parts
  2. CAPRARI, ROVATTI, SAER, Pioneer, Vipom, Livgidromash pumps and their accessories;
  3. Synchronous generators of Leroy Somer, Marathon Electric, LINZ, Marelli, Mecc Alte, Stamford, GS, BG and automatic voltage regulators for data generators of manufacturers;
  4. DEIF, ComAp control systems and microprocessor controllers;
  5. Spare parts kits for power plants, pumping and power units of domestic and foreign production.

To clarify information about the service, terms and cost of spare parts delivery, you can fill out an online application or contact a specialist of the company.

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