Ensuring fire safety on an offshore drilling platform


Seawater intake and supply to the water curtain system during associated gas combustion on the drilling platform.
Region The Region Of the Caspian Sea Industry Fire safety


Delivery in complete sets:
  • Container diesel pumping station
  • Complex of submersible electric pumps
  • Crane
  • General management system implemented
  • Suction and pressure mains
When oil is extracted on drilling platforms, associated petroleum gas is released, which is disposed of by combustion. To protect the drilling platform from heat and infrared radiation, a water curtain is created around the flare. The customer installed such a system on a drilling rig, and he needed a solution for seawater intake, and feeding it under high pressure into the pipeline. Our company has provided a comprehensive solution to the task. Such a complex was a container diesel pumping station DNS-S-600-200, with 3 submersible electric pumps, a crane for lifting and lowering electric pumps into water, a set of suction and pressure hoses, a general control system.
The use of a pumping station for pumping seawater required compliance with design features during the project implementation:

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